Infinity Healer Level 2

Become an Advanced Certified Infinity Healer Practitioner

Once you've completed Level 1 you'll be able to progress to Level 2 Advanced Infinity Healing

Here's What People Are Saying About The Advanced Infinity Healer Course

" Level 2 is awesome! I can't go on without this."

Luke Campbell

Topics covered during Level 2 of the course...

√ How to release fears

√ How to release toxic emotions

√ How to release any challenge from the root cause

√ Manifestation process: Manifest anything

√ Forgiveness Technique

√ Inner child healing

√ Clear anything that stops them from receiving, releasing...

√ Mind body healing

√ Left/right brain balance

√ Chakra healing

√ Connect and ground to earth

√ Balancing divine male and female energies

√ Surviving to thriving

√ Past lives and ancestors

√ Abuse Healing Technique (Emotional, Psychological, Physical, Sexual, Spiritual)

√ Life Purpose Discovery and clearing blocks

√ Clearing Negative Beliefs and Integrating Empowering Beliefs Technique

√ Clearing All Blocks to Money Mastery, Prosperity and Abundance

√ Attunements

And so much more!

"Tarek's Infinity Healing course is very easy to follow. He didn't waste any time giving me everything I need to start performing sessions, and he was willing to take as much time as it took to answer everyone's questions. I now feel confident to promote myself as an Infinity Healer, to charge the

full price for the sessions, and to ask for testimonials.

At the time when I discovered Infinity Healing, I was already doing pretty well in terms of relationships and health.

I had been using self-healing and law-of-attraction techniques to improve my life in many ways, and I had developed a strong internal sense of happiness. However, I still struggled with money most of the time and I couldn't get my healing business up off the ground

I also kept getting stuck in jobs that were not ideal for me. Since I started utilizing Infinity Healing, I have experienced more financial stability and financial freedom. I found a job that is perfect for me, a type of job that previously seemed inaccessible to me. And suddenly my healing business is getting a lot more attention than it ever has before! I finally feel like I am fulfilling my life purpose.

I have experienced several major miracles and I experience small miracles daily. My fears and worries are melting away, and I feel satisfied and free."

Amanda Miller

Infinity Healer

On the way home I had to stop at my little clinic to collect a few things. Peter came in with me and stood at the door way (rooted to the floor) and said: "Oh my God what have you done!

The energy in this room is fantastic!"Now the brilliant part of all of this is Peter is as thick as a brick!!! He has not been able to pick up on energy or anything else in all the years we have been together (25 at least)!

The only and I mean the only thing that I did differently was to take the crystal I held at your attunement into the office so I could keep it near to me.

Never doubt Tarek your ability to help or touch others! You have a God given talent... Use it and reach the world!"

Rosanna Francis


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Fully Certificated

Once qualified, you'll be able to use Infinity Healing as an integral and lucrative modality in your business.

More Success Stories From Tarek's Clients

Jalata Abdo

I paid off $53,000 of debt!

"I was able to refinance my house that I have never been able to do because of my credits score or income problem. This morning when I woke up, I received a package full of checks so I paid off $53,000 worth of debts. I am a much happier person now Thank you!"


Cancer Undetectable!

"About a week ago the Dr. told me until further notice to consider that I have uterine and possibly breast cancer too. I asked for and received the blessings and healings from you. Today, I had a highly specialized ultra sound and the Dr. came to read it. He looked at it several times and said that he just could not understand it, but all was completely clear!"


Life Feels Good Again.

"My Mojo had gone. It felt like for good, no matter what I tried. Using Tarek Bibi's Program has just given me the busiest and most profitable weeks of 2012. Now I'm making good money again. I'm happy and my customers are happy too. The work keeps coming in. I am a 100% certain this would not have happened without Tarek's Program it is that good. Life feels good again. Thank you Tarek!"


New Job New Home.

"I was homeless and had been for some time. I needed help. After receiving Tarek's healings, I was employed and was dwelling in my own apartment. Then I was the Assistant Manager and had survived an economic downturn in the company. After the next healing, the company I was employed at had turned around its economic position and I was seated in my own office responsible for now training a new employee to be successful at the job I had mastered!"

Judy Hoyt


More Deserving

"I can say that I feel stronger, I feel more self love and appreciation, I feel more deserving. My relationships are changing. I'm changing my feelings and beliefs about money. The healing the inner child module alone would be worth the price of the package."

Barbara Patterson

Body Breakthrough Coach

Energy Healing with Turbo Power!

"Tarek is the real deal. Tarek assists you to release as deeply as your subconscious allows with every healing. I have tried reiki. eft and other energy work, but Infinity Healing is like energy healing with turbo power. If you wish to change your life, you do not want to miss Tarek's program"

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